Each year, members of the board appoint volunteer committees to assist the board in monitoring services, planning projects and gathering information. Each committee is made up of one or more members of the board and encourages the use of unit owner volunteers. Committees are designed to assist the board in planning and gathering information but do not have the authority to make final decisions or disburse Association funds. Committees report their finding back to the entire board who will then make final
Committees for the 2018/2019 period include: 
FINANCE - Alina Vargas (ch)
SALES/LEASING/SCREENING- Richard Moore (ch), Karyn Frank, Marilyn Franzblau. 
MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS- Charles Miller (ch), Alan Gudz, Hy Holz, Murray Wiseman.
POOL DECK & RECREATION- Karyn Frank (ch), Elaine Brown, Ricardo Carrera, Hy Holz, Charles Miller, Richard Moore, Angel Puerto.
SECURITY & VALET- Hy Holz (ch), Elaine Brown, Richard Moore.
PROPERTY MGMT. & BEAUTIFICATION- Elaine Brown (ch), Karyn Frank, Charles Miller, Richard Moore.
RESTAURANT & SALON- Melvyn Davis (ch), Elaine Brown, Hy Holz, Charles Miller, Angel Puerto, Murray Wiseman.
SOCIAL- Elaine Brown (ch), Karyn Frank.
MGMT. SCREENING- Hy Holz (ch), Dr. Bernard Hammer, Rachel Heft, Mark Meltzer, Charles Miller, Richard Moore, Murray Wiseman (co-ch).
DECORATING/DESIGN- Alina Vargas (ch), Carl Abramovitch, Elaine Brown, Karyn Frank, Marilyn Franzblau, Rachel Heft.